Business View Civil & Municipal Apr-2023

76 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 made. There’s nothing that’s time sensitive or in a crunch. There’s not any pressure on it, it can just be an open discussion where they relay to the council what they’re thinking about, and the council can give them their open feedback as to how they feel like that would be perceived, and then we work through the process,” he conveys. One thing the city is working to attract is a grocery store, filling a need for residents who currently have to travel 10 miles to the nearest option. As for what else is on the horizon for the city of Iowa Colony, Hemminger says there will be a continued effort to make sure decisions made today are a benefit to the community long term. In summary, he portrays, “The future of Iowa Colony is extremely bright, and there is just so much exciting opportunity here. The city council takes such an interest in working for the long-term benefit of the community, making sure that something they approved today won’t become a blighted area tomorrow. It’s really neat to see the opportunities come to fruition.” PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Meridiana Texas n Willow At Sierra Vista