Business View Civil & Municipal Apr-2023

75 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 IOWA COLONY, TE XAS Following a design criteria manual that was developed by the city years ago helps to guide future development and maintain the standards that have been set. This criterion continues to evolve along with Iowa Colony’s growth, but it ensures what Ho depicts as “high quality, technologically advanced facilities, and infrastructure.” He remarks, “One of the features Rise Communities in Meridiana has incorporated is using stormwater instead of using groundwater or well water for an irrigation system. They are actually using water in their detention lakes, utilizing that to irrigate the green space along the corridor and the right of ways and such.” With a comprehensive plan outlining the vision of the city completed in 2020, and a master water and sewer plan adopted in 2021, Iowa Colony is currently working through a master drainage plan with the Texas Water Development Board. “There is a lot of significant planning involved that’s going to benefit the city in the long term. The leadership from the mayor to city council, to the city administration, has really guided this city and provided some real forward thinking.” In partnership with Burditt Consultants, a Parks, and Open Space Master Plan is also in the works. This process will include public meetings with residents to understand their vision for parks and community spaces. On the commercial side, Hemminger says businesses are starting to see the opportunity in Iowa Colony and coming to the city. He says, “Our approach has been freely meeting with anyone who’s interested in bringing commercial growth to our community. On our city website, there is an opportunity to schedule what we refer to as a Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting.” These meetings offer a casual opportunity for potential businesses to bring their ideas, and work with city staff on a path to success. “If there’s a developer that has something that they’re considering proposing, we may give them 10 or 15 minutes in front of the council to talk through it in a work session environment, where there’s not a decision that has to be