Jersey Precast

7 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 9 processes, collaborating with suppliers to reduce wastage, and exploring easily achievable sustainability ideas internally that can lessen the environmental impact. Looking ahead, Jersey Precast and Concrete Safety Systems hope to continue evolving with the industry, growing capacity, and reaching into new related business verticals as opportunity allows. “In one of our newer offerings – warehouses – we’ve expanded our capacity and capabilities significantly and will complete over 15 successful projects just in the warehouse business by the end of this year,” says Hand II. “Over the coming years, I see the company evolving and continuously streamlining processes, including back office through project management and accounting software and in the factories with automation like tilt tables and double-tee bed machinery. We hope to improve efficiencies and continue providing the best customer service we can to our customers.” “We are currently exploring a carbon cure product that minimizes the use of cement in the concrete mix design, reducing the quantity of cement required per project and ultimately lowering the need to manufacture cement at current levels,” says Baig. “The technology is getting popular because it adds to the strength of the structure while acting as a trap, capturing CO2 from other processes. We successfully used the technology in the Princeton Parking Garage project on behalf of the client, and the results were incredibly positive.” Besides these initiatives, both companies are pursuing green initiatives at a more granular level by encouraging recycling in all their PREFERRED VENDOR/ PARTNER n NJ Galvanizing & Tinning Works, Inc.