Jersey Precast

6 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 9 JERSEY PRECAST AND CONCRETE SAFETY SYSTEMS capacity, providing an even stronger basis for future growth. “We recently installed a brand- new batch machine, which has significantly increased our efficiency in producing concrete while saving energy,” says Baig. “We also installed a new computer program to run the batch system besides purchasing software systems like Box and Smartsheets that have improved collaboration and efficiency in back office processes.” Jersey Precast has several projects underway, two of which are industrial warehouse projects. “One is a multi-story warehouse with beams, columns, double-tee floors, double-tee roofs, stone cladding, and exterior walls,” explains Hand II. “The other one is similar, but it’s a single- story warehouse with precast columns, beams, double-tee roof, and insulated wall panels surrounding the outside. Both represent an all- in-one engineered system that looks good while functioning as a state-of-the-art warehouse.” Sustainability is also at the forefront of both companies’ agendas. Considering concrete is the second most used substance on the planet and contributes up to eight percent of global CO2 emissions, the industry is hard-pressed to innovate. For Jersey Precast and Concrete Safety Systems, this means embracing new climate- friendly technologies across the concrete value chain.