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“My unlimited 2% cash back is more than a perk. It’s our healthcare.” – Ken Jacobus, Good Start Packaging CEO Chris Cirri Vice President, Spark Business Card Office: 203.269.0671 Cell: 203.585.7048 christopher.cirri@capitalone.com Credit approval required. Terms and conditions apply. Offered by Capital One Bank (USA), NA. © 2018 Capital One. 60876 Ken Jacobus redeemed $36,000 in cash back to offer healthcare for his employees. Imagine what UNLIMITED 2% CASH BACK could do for your business. Running a business is no small task - from hiring and retaining employees to serving customers and managing finances, business owners must con- stantly juggle their to-do list. As the economy con- tinues to boom, entrepreneurs around the country are seizing the opportunity to grow their business- es and get an edge on their competitors. Ken Jacobus, CEO of Good Start Packaging, found his edge by using a business credit card to earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of his pur- chases, which range from inventory and shipping to office supplies and travel expenses. Last year, he earned $36,000 in cash back rewards on his Capital One Spark Cash card, allowing him to help cover the cost of health insurance for his team. Half of small business owners say the rewards earned on their business credit cards help them to be more competitive* -- but many of the benefits of making business purchases on a card go beyond rewards. Capital One Spark Business customers can sync purchase information to their accounting software, secure free employee cards to simplify expense reporting and enjoy fraud protection features. Small Business Owners Getting an Edge with Credit Card Rewards *July 2018 Capital One survey of 500 small business owners as possible. The distribution center has been fortified with those technologies and those teams have close to doubled in capacity.The service team,as well,has been scaled up nicely–they’re talentedASE-trained members–and even our purchasing department has a newproprietaryartificial intelligence system that helps support the growth.Wewant tomake sure that we’re not just adding people–we’re adding technology to support the peoplewho are alreadyhere.” Frankalso reports that as FCPEuro continues to grow–it expects to gross $100MMby2020–it’s looking for ways to diversify.“We’re a remarkably strong eCommerce companywith a healthynetwork, but we’re looking at some of the other things we have good access to,”he explains.“We have talent in the door that is incrediblyproficient at motorsports and content,andwe’re realizing that we’re reallygood storytellers.So,in the next couple of years,we’re go- ing to be diversifying into a production house called DeadPedal,which is a themed production house spe- cializing in automotive storytelling–taking the talent fromour content teamand enabling them to become a secondary revenue source.” “In order to support them,we’re also looking at the physical spacewe’re operating out of,”Frank contin- ues.“In the next six to twelvemonths,wewill be fully operational in an expansion to our current facility–an extension of our distribution center and offices.It’s going to have a several thousand square-foot motor- sport facilitywith a built-in studio.It’s going to have a large community spacewherewe can holdmeetings and training and events,and it’s going to have a small distribution center expansion alongside an updated customer-facing,retail pickup spacewhere customers can place an order online,pickup their parts,and be on their waywithout having to pay for shipping.” FCP EURO