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Scott Drozd talks about other ways inwhich the companyhas grown.“Wewere recentlyaccepted into the ProntoAssociation,”he reports.“The ProntoAssoci- ation is one of the largest automotive buying groups in theworld.Theyhavemultiple billions of dollars of purchases that flowthrough it.That’s been a key to sourcing products at a cost-effective rate andmanag- ing some of our cash flow.We’ve also introduced Fe- dEx into our shipping portfolio.We alreadydo business withUPS and the U.S.Postal Service,but FedExhas become another partner of ours,adding to our growth and our customer satisfaction options.We’ve also brought on Capital One as a partner for some of our business cash flowand financing needs.” More importantly,however,FCPEuro has grown inways that transcend enlarged spaces and new business partners.“We knewwe had built a strong eCommerce companywith great fundamentals,and I’mhappy that it has taken shape,”Drozd states.“We not only started building a brand through grassroots motorsports enthusiasts,but we built a brand,inter- nally,with our culture.We’ve found away to integrate the automotive communitywith our culture and our content,and it’s coming together quite nicely. “It’s been 18 years of deliberate and consistent hardwork.We learned along thewayhowto build an FCP EURO PREFERRED VENDOR n Capital One Spark Business www.capitalone.com/small-business/credit-cards/ The Capital One Spark Business award-winning suite of products, tools and resources is designed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes do business better. Our Spark Business credit cards offer valuable rewards and benefits, including unlimited 2% cash back on all purchases. Learn more at www. capitalone.com/small-business/credit-cards/ organization and howto get the right people,howto prioritize and focus.But,ultimately,it all comes down to alignment.It’s not just about getting the right people behind the organization’s vision and values,it’smaking sure they’re all aligned and rolling in the same direc- tion.Once you achieve that cultural alignment,then amazing things start to happen and theworkand the growth seemeffortless. “There are four components: content,community, commerce,and customers.We build reallygreat con- tent; that content is driven fromengagingwith the automotive community.We take the content andwe marry that to our ecommercemodel,and thenwe make surewe back that upwith trulyexceptional customer service.So,we’re reallycreating an integrated environment that’s both externallyand internally fo- cused.It’s helped to give the company themomentum to get it where it is today. “Long-term,the company is going to bemuchmore than just an organization that sells a product,”says Drozd,in conclusion.“We are going to be enabling and empowering peoplewho own cars to repair and fix them,themselves.We’ve already invested heavily into YouTubewherewe have over 40,000 subscribers with almost 10million views on the channel.We publish DIYvideos everyweek,which arewell-produced,crisp, clear instructional videos that shows the end user how to repair their car,but also lets themknowthat we are a technicallyaccurate resource theycan trust to help get the job done.In the future,there are going to be a lot of other value-adds,such as virtual diagrams and fleet management services,that give peoplemore tools theyneed to fixand repair their cars.We’re going to be supplementing the parts sales with other val- ue-adds andmore holistic solutions for the automotive community.”