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Other DWC products include those that end up in sanitiz-
ers and cleaners, pharmaceuticals, acetic acid produc-
tion, soil fumigation, black and white film production,
weather modification, nuclear medicine, oilfield chemi-
cal-corrosion inhibitors, CD manufacturing, metal clean-
ers, and primary catalyst in epoxy resin coatings. In addi-
tion, DWC provides custom manufacturing and scale-up
services to the industries and customers it serves.
Regardless of the product, Wachnowsky sums up the
company’s modus operandi: “What we really try to find
are right applications for our products and we work close-
ly with our customers to bring them value.” Providing that
customer value has been made easier since Deepwater
became wholly owned by Toyota Tsusho (a major Japa-
nese trading firm belonging to the Toyota Group) in 2006.
The parent company supplies all of DWC’s crude iodine
from its three different affiliate producers - IOCHEM
in Oklahoma, Nihon Tennen Gas in Japan, and Algorta
Norte SA in Chile. “Those are the three leading countries
of iodine production,” says Curry. “So we have a good re-
source for iodine and a way to funnel it through to down-
stream products.” In addition, Toyota Tsusho assists its
subsidiary in getting new customers.
DWC is a member of SOCMA – the Society of Chemical
and Manufacturer Affiliates. Its plant operates under cur-
rent Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), and its ISO
14001 Certification testifies to its adherence to sound
environmental principles in themanufacturing of its prod-
ucts. Curry adds, “We are a registered FDA drug estab-
lishment facility and our products conform to USP (United
States Pharmacopeia) quality standards. And that’s not
a claim that every iodide derivative producer can make.”
According to Nick Shimbo, President of Deepwater Chem-
icals, the company’s long-term strategy is “to double the
iodine consumption in iodide derivative products through
product portfolio extension, new product development,
entry into diverse markets, and strategic alliances with
customers where Deepwater Chemicals adds business
value. That is the over-arching business objective we
have. We want to add value to our customers, so we look
for those opportunities where we can come up with a
win/win. We make high quality iodide products and we
would match ours up against any other producer in the
Iochem Corporation
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