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tories, operating areas, and warehouses, on a 20-acre
industrial park site, six miles west of Woodward, Oklaho-
ma. Its primary focus is providing inorganic and organic
iodine derivatives to the oil and gas, pharmaceutical,
photographic, bio-medical, catalysts, coatings, weather
modification, nylon, X-ray media, LCD, and acetic acid in-
“We have a variety of assets,” says Wachnowsky. “We
have different reactor sizes and capabilities, distillation,
non-distillation, different materials of construction for our
different reactors. So if a product contains iodine there is
a high probability that we can produce it because of the
flexibility of our facility.”
“Our portfolio, right now, is probably greater than 20 spe-
cific products with multiple variants depending on qual-
ity grades,” he says. Curry adds, “And each compound
can be used in a variety of different applications.” Wach-
nowsky elaborates: “For example, one of the most com-
mon ones is potassium iodide. Potassium iodide will go
into the oil and gas industry; it will go into pharmaceuti-
cals; it will go into nylon as a heat stabilizer.” “The cus-
tomer usually develops the need for a particular iodine
derivative and they come to us for the product or ask us
to make it,” Curry explains.
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