Highfill Infrastrcuture Engineering

PREFERRED VENDOR n Bio-Nomic Services, Inc. www.bio-nomic.com Bio-Nomic Services, Inc. is the premier provider of turnkey services in the Southeast to maintain critically important environmental infrastructure and help municipalities, utilities and industrial companies comply with environmental regulations. We have a long track record of providing the expertise, equipment, technology, and trained field force to quickly, safely and reliably handle any project involving sewer system maintenance and soil/sludge remediation. And, as part of Carylon Corporation, we have the economy of scale, manpower, and equipment to efficiently handle projects of any size. experts, although I think we’ll continue to support industrial and private development, and land development. But our primary focus is in this arena that we think we’re pretty good at.” In conclusion, Cox reasserts that in addition to high quality engineering efforts, the most important work performed by Highfill Infrastructure Engineering will always be its customer service: “Yes, we do good work in the trenchless technologies and other rehabilitation techniques, but that’s a given. If you’re not doing good work, your company is closed or on its way down. But you have to go beyond good work to be competitive; particularly a firm our size, which is competing with these national and international firms. And we think that passion and being driven to go the extra mile for our clients and treating them as part of our family and part of our team is that differentiator for us.”