Highfill Infrastrcuture Engineering

opened in 2005; one in Winston-Salem, added in 2015; and the newest office in Columbia, South Carolina, which opened in 2016. “We’ve just begun work on our first real sizable project with the City of Columbia,” Cox reports. “They’re working in compliance with a consent decree that they are in with the EPA. One of the key projects to comply with that consent decree is developing rehabilitation projects for some of their larger sewers – 15 inches and larger in diameter – and we are on the team that is helping them on those projects. That’s an exciting opportunity for us, working to help them in that regard. These will be up to ten, multi-million- dollar projects when they’re all said and done.” Highfill remarks that, going forward, the company will continue to penetrate the municipal marketplace, while expanding its geographic reach. “If you draw a two-hour radius circle around our four offices – that’s kind of the practical extent of our reach,” he explains. “So, our plan for expanding the business is to open more locations. And we’ve got some dots on the map, that when the right combination of people and opportunities come together, we’re going to open offices in those metropolitan areas, and, eventually, be able to cover, with this two-hour, radius circle, all of the high population areas in North and South Carolina. The reason we focus on these population centers is the ingredients for us for a successful geographic location are a vibrant and growing economic situation in that locality and aging infrastructure along with the growth. So there’s a need there for condition assessment, renovation rehabilitation, as well as new infrastructure to support the growth that’s going on. That’s why these population centers that are growing in the Carolinas are a good mix of those ingredients. So, our focus is geographic; we’re not looking to become industrial experts or land development HIGHF I LL INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEER ING pictured right Founder, Tyler Highfill