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gets passed back to them, so that they improve their products as we improve ours.” Going forward, Peterman says this fifth gen- eration at the helm of Gillespie & Powers is planning on expanding the company’s products, offerings, and geographic footprint. “We’re also planning on expanding into other markets,- steel, glass, copper,” he reports. “Currently, we deal in waste incineration, but we want to expand our services. Right now, we are in a two-hundred-mile radius of our home office, but we’d like to expand that further.We also plan on doing several acqui- sitions of some competitors. And we are always doing research and development and working on future patents.” “Everything we do, we stand behind 100 per- cent,” Peterman declares in summation. “That also distinguishes us from our competition.We value our relationships and our legacy relationships to the point where we view them as partnerships and not a vendor/owner relationship. That shows in our work. So, we’re going to continue to focus on growing without jeopardizing our quality.” 800.432.5810 | BDC represents and distributes only the best combustion equipment and control devices available in the market, but we are so much more than a place where you get the parts to keep your plant process equipment running. That’s why we built a company that is unusually well equipped to provide and support complete solutions to your plant operation needs, both thermal and non-thermal in nature. n Burners & Accessories n Process Controls & Sensors n Valves & Actuators n Field Input Devices n Flow Meters and Accessories n Earthquake and Vibration Isolation Devices n 24/7/365 hotline n Diagnostics n Calibration n Inspections n Emergency Repair n Maintenance/ Field Service n Refurbishing Equipment n Seismic Restraints For more information, call, email, or visit us online: Our products and services include: PREFERRED VENDORS n United Refractories, Inc. United Refractories Co. (URC) is a monolithic refractory supplier specializing in low, ultra-low, cement free and plastic compositions for aluminum, foundry, cement, steel and incin- eration applications. URC4U SERVICE:  URC realizes that the solution to a customer’s “puzzle” is not limited to a refractory prodct…  but in reality, is a combination of “puzzle pieces “shaped by four different components: technical services: drawings, process audits, thermal & freeze plane calcula- tions, etc.; Customized products: customer centered prod. dev., installation equipment, parts, etc.; Responsive support: immediate response, logistics tracking, customized stocks, etc.; and Trustworthy data: special lab testing, data on “every batch”, dry-out schedules, COA’s, etc. The foundation to United’s URC4U SERVICE is understand- ing a customer’s various needs and supplying both the prod- ucts and 4U SERVICES to “complete the puzzle “and deliver the best overall solution.  n BDC, Inc. BDC, Inc. distributes industrial combustion and process control equipment, such as actuators, vibration isolation and seismic restraints, burners, burner controls, data acquisition, flow meters, fuel standby systems, gas regulators, heat exchangers, pressure transmitters and switches, process control, recorders, tempera- ture transmitters, valves, spark plugs, flame rods, temperature controls, and flame supervision controls. The company also provides field services, emergency service, preventative main- tenance, inspections and testing, instrument calibration, and efficiency analysis services. BDC, Inc. was formerly known as Brandwine Equipment Co. and changed its name to BDC, Inc. in 1976. BDC, Inc. was founded in 1946 and is based in St. Louis, Missouri with an additional office in Kansas City. n Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C. including engineers, field supervisors, and office support. Its head office remains in St. Louis where it maintains its refractory masonry construction activities, as well as the aluminum industry seg- ment, including the design and installation of melting and scrap preparation equipment. In addition, the company has masonry construction field offices in Hannibal, Missouri; Lewisport, Kentucky; Davenport, Iowa; and, most recently, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Most of the company’s current clientele is in the secondary, or recycled, aluminum market. “Aluminum is the second most recyclable product next to lead,” Peterman notes. “And we design and build aluminum melting and handling equipment for the aluminum and non-ferrous industry, which is broad - the U.S., China, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Japan–we’ve serviced all those markets. “We also just finished a large project in Saudi Arabia,” says Sales Director, Ian Marsh. “We cover the entire world,” Jack adds. “We’re fami- ly-owned, globally-known.” Peterman believes that Gillespie & Powers laps its competition in the sector because, unlike his company, they don’t “get dirty.”“Our competition will design it, and then hand it over to contractors to build and assemble, and they may show up when it’s turned on,” he states. “Everybody here is hands-on.We’re unique because we have our con- struction side.We will, design, fabricate, and build. It never leaves our hands.We take it from day one and hold it until we hand it over to the customer.” “We also offer the refractory engineering side of it,” offers Marsh. “And because we’ve been in refractory for so long, we talk to the refractory manufacturers, and what we learn in the field GILLESPIE & POWERS, INC.