Gillespie and Powers

GILLESPIE & POWERS, INC. energy. Certain clay products are known as “refractory” materials, meaning they remain chemically and physically stable at high temperatures; thus their use in furnaces, kilns, incinerators, and reactors. Over time, the company began to specialize in boilers and high-temperature applications, then ultimately grew into the engineering and construction of high temperature refractory furnaces and systems. Early in 1938, Charles A. Gillespie, son of John, H., united with Frank X. Powers to create Gillespie & Powers Inc. At that time, the city of St. Louis banned the burning of soft coal, which necessitat- ed the conversion of boilers to use either gas or oil. So, the com- pany designed the refractories that could do that, and, for many years, it continued to provide masonry installation services for heating systems and electric generator stations. It was in the 1960s that, as a result of providing refractory repair services to a number of aluminum clients, the company expanded into the aluminum industry, beginning with refractory rebuilding services and culminating in the design, fabrication, and installation of aluminum melting and holding furnaces. The com- URC Aluminum Platform Focus: • Reduce process costs • Improve metal quality • Optimize furnace availability HowWe Do It… What We Do… 724-941-9300 • • 1. UNDERSTAND CUSTOMER CHALLENGES by identifying critical wear mechanisms 2. QUALIFY PRODUCTS with simulated wear mechanism testing 3. AUDIT THE PROCESS to understand specific wear mechanisms 4. SELECT PRODUCTS to provide a “prescriptive” lining solution Refractory Solutions for AT A GLANCE GILLESPIE & POWERS, INC. pany’s management was also transferred to the third generation - John R. Gillespie, nephew of Charles A., was named president of the company in 1966, and in 1968, Charles K. Gillespie, son of Charles A., came on board as a partner and vice president. From that time, the two managed the company through more stages of growth and prosperity. Another generation, the fourth, took its place in the mid-2000s, after John R. died and Charles K. retired. Jon R. Gillespie, the son of John R., who joined the company in 1980 as a brick mason after receiving his degree in mechanical engineering from St. Louis University, was named president. Today, Gillespie & Powers is run by Jack B. Gillespie, son of Jon R., and his cousin, John Peterman, who bought the company from Jack’s dad, in September 2017. Today, Gillespie & Powers has about 75 employees, WHAT: A company that de- signs, fabricates, installs, and maintains refractory-lined, high-temperature furnace equipment WHERE: St. Louis, Missouri WEBSITE: www.gillespie