FX Innovation

A ptly named, FX Innovation is one of the most innovative companies in the informa- tion technology sector. From its Montreal, Quebec headquarters, the company works closely with clients throughout North America to ensure IT is creating value for business. Rec- ognizing that global market demands require companies to constantly re- think strategies at rapid velocity, FX Innovation becomes a part of the client-supplier team, and vice versa, to find and implement the best, afford- able solutions. Business View Magazine recently spoke with FX Innovations President, David Marotte, and co-founder Georges Riachy, about the unique culture and business model that has placed the company on the Profit list of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies. BVM: What motivated you to found FX Innovation? Riachy: “Dave and I started FX In- novation in 2002; literally, a couple of people in a garage.We began by doing consulting services and IT with the mindset of building a company that delivers solutions.When we did the first plan–I remember doing it on a paper napkin in a restaurant–we wanted a flagship and recurring revenue to make sure we had enough money to finance the plan.That’s why we went for consult- ing in the beginning. FX INNOVATION INNOVATION LEADERSHIP, INNOVATION, RESULTS AT A GLANCE FX INNOVATION WHAT: An information technology company WHERE: Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec WEBSITE: www.fxinnovation.com