Hoboken, New Jersey

PREFERRED VENDORS n SUEZ SUEZ-NA.com/en-us Whether it’s Vivaldi’s strains of Four Seasons taking flight on the summer breeze at Pier A Park, or the murmurs of diners at any of the city’s 100 cafes, Hoboken is alive with sound. Indeed, the city “simply buzzes with life,” according to NJ Monthly magazine. Running through the veins of this lively city: clean, clear drinking water. That is because Hoboken relies upon SUEZ to deliver that water. Through 40 miles of water mains, 1,100 valves, 450 hydrants and 4,500 service connections, SUEZ has helped Hoboken emerge as a city consistently voted one of the best places in the Northeast to live, work and own a business. This partnership began more than 20 years ago in 1994, when Hoboken and SUEZ broke new ground when they entered into the first public-private partnership of its kind in the Garden State. Under the terms of this agreement, Hoboken retains ownership of the city’s water assets and sets water rates while SUEZ is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the city’s water distribution system, as well as customer service, billing and emergency services. SUEZ has helped Hoboken in other ways, as well. In 2015, SUEZ was named the Green Business of the Year by the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce. The award is given to “the business or businessperson that in the past year lead in environmental matters be it sustainability, design/construction and/or eco-consciousness.” SUEZ also maintains a strong presence in the Hoboken community, sponsoring events such as the Hoboken Mutzfest, Saint Ann Italian Festival, the annual Arts & Music Festival and the Hoboken Public Education Foundation’s Annual Gala. SUEZ and the City have always prioritized the safety and reliability of the residents’ drinking water. While the initial agreement was based on the state of the City’s infrastructure in 1994, both entities realized it was time to adapt and address critical issues facing the City’s infrastructure today. As a result, in 2019 SUEZ collaborated with the City of Hoboken to draft a new partnership, with the goal of creating an aggressive capital investment plan that went beyond operations and maintenance. The agreement includes $33 million in water infrastructure upgrades over 15 years and an additional $2 million investment in smart technology to monitor water consumption. Looking forward, it’s easy to see how reliable drinking water service will contribute to Hoboken’s continued development and keep the city buzzing with excitement. n Concord Engineering Group, Inc. www.concord-engineering.com Concord Engineering Group has been a leader in energy infrastructure and sustainable facility design for 30-years. We have pioneered solutions like combined heat & power (CHP), solar PV, biogas power plants energy efficiency and “supply side” energy procurement. Our experience in the planning and implementation of Microgrids, for communities, healthcare and the military has allowed us to provide a broad range of services from utility interconnection standards and energy policies to straight-out design and construction. Our growing portfolio of Clients include municipalities, hospitals, prisons, data centers, manufacturing, commercial real estate, multi-family and wastewater treatment plants along with commercial, industrial and educational facilities. Concord is proud to be a partner with the City of Hoboken on sustainability and resiliency solutions for the future. After the City was severely impacted by power outages because of Superstorm Sandy, Concord Engineering was tasked with completing a microgrid feasibility study focused on energy cost reductions, improvement of local energy delivery and reliability should the electric grid fail again in order to provide services and shelter to the community. In addition, our energy services division, Concord Energy Services (CES), is currently the City of Hoboken’s energy agent. CES is assisting the City with its sustainability initiatives by helping them purchase 100% renewable energy and developing a Community Energy Aggregation Program The Concord Engineering Group is building your tomorrow! Whether it’s a preliminary feasibility analysis, serving as engineer of record, construction management, start-up support, commissioning or strategic energy procurement of renewable energy initiatives, we are your trusted energy partner and cutting-edge industry leader. Our team of experienced energy professionals are laser focused on developing sustainable, resilient and cost reduction solutions for commercial and industrial customers in private and government sectors.