Hoboken, New Jersey

on all our renewable energy procurements. They assisted us with procuring 100 percent renewable energy for municipal facilities. And they are currently helping us develop our renewable energy purchasing program for residents.” BVM: Five years down the road, what are the main goals for the City of Hoboken? Mayor Bhalla: “We want to continue to build on our infrastructure, which is critical to managing urban growth. For myself, as Mayor, completion of the northwest park, Hoboken’s own Central Park, is a major priority within five years, as well as an expansion of the southwest park which we seek to move on, quickly. We have the benefit of being on the waterfront and enjoying world-class views of Manhattan and there’s been a longstanding effort to transform the waterfront from the days when Marlon Brando’s movie On the Waterfront was filmed here, when it was largely industrial. Over the course of a century, it’s been transformed to a waterfront that’s publicly accessible and has an almost contiguous walkway that is enjoyed by the public instead of private development. “From an energy and resiliency infrastructure aspect, building out the micro-grid is very important for the city. Also, we want to make sure we maintain and upgrade our water mains. We recently entered into an agreement with SUEZ North America that includes $33 million of investments over the next 15 years to make our water distribution infrastructure sustainable. We also formed a Vision Zero task force and we have a goal of eliminating all traffic-related injuries by 2030. It’s a very ambitious goal but we are focused on achieving it. “Hoboken’s best attribute is our residents. In times of crisis, in times of need, there is uniqueness about Hoboken where we’re a city but we’re also a community. People know each other and we all come together with a spirit of generosity that is unmatched in any place I’ve lived around the world.” HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY