Southern Nevada Homebuilders Association

4 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 7 SOUTHERN NEVADA HOMEBUI LDERS ASSOC I AT ION of this association. I’m probably one of the few HBAs that don’t do a lot of membership drives. We’re a small enough area that people know who we are but I do like having my Spike people out there getting new members.” Currently, the Southern Nevada Homebuilders Association has four employees – the CEO, an office manager, an administrative assistant, and a director of government affairs. “I’ve been running this association for 10 years,” Hodgson says, “and this is the smallest we’ve been. I owe it to my membership to be as efficient as possible. We are very efficient, we’re low maintenance, low overhead, but very high output.” The SNHBA office is located in the heart of Las Vegas, in what Hodgson describes as an accessible and convenient location for members and builders. To communicate with members, the SNHBA sends out a monthly newsletter, titled Builder the involvement than a few dollars. So, I can say we’re just over 500 members, but we’re over 10,000 strong between our member companies and their employees.” To encourage new memberships, the Southern Nevada Homebuilders Association has what they call The Spike Club. To be a part of this club, members must recruit, involve, and retain other members, bringing in six new members within two consecutive years. Spike Club membership includes special recognition by SNHBA and NAHB, while also helping to strengthen the association and the industry. “Our lifeline in the association is membership. We encourage our members to go get more members because the more the merrier,” states Hodgson, who was a Spike Club Member of the Year twice before becoming CEO of the SNHBA. “We need to be the biggest voice we can be, and if they are in this industry, they owe it to themselves to be a part