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cheap?’ but ‘Can you do it at less risk and provide a more efficient solution to reduce our scope from a timeline standpoint?’ And we’re seeing that across the industry.” Justin elaborates: “The concept from vendor to advisor status is, if you’re a vendor, they’re calling you and saying ‘We need you to provide us this’ and they go with whoever is the cheapest. Advisor status is they call us and say ‘We’re trying to solve this problem. How do you think we should do it?’ And then they’re listening to us. They might go out to the market and still get quotes, but they’re a lot more likely to select our services because now they trust us. We’ve doubled our market share in the last year under the premise of going from a vendor to an advisor status. We’ve reduced the number of safety and environmental problems. We’re providing more solutions.” Going forward, Justin says that the company is planning to set up satellite offices soon in Louisiana and Pennsylvania, while Chad says, “We want to provide the industry with more efficient and safer methods of delivering various services based on key research and data. We want to be leaders on the deployment of technology and digital integration. Our goal is to deploy technology and to see how we can utilize the data that we’ve got to touch more of the value chain of our customers and to diversify. That’s a win for us – knowing that we can step back and be satisfied with what type of organization we are and being an all-solutions provider to our customers. And the market is speaking for our niche. It has shown a bend towards us.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Cross Country Infrastructure Services