Langford, British Columbia

Aspha l t Pav ing : Muni c i pa l , Commerc i a l & Res i dent i a l and Aggregate Supp l y Producers and suppl iers of qual i ty asphal t mater i a l s us ing green techno l ogy in the greater V i c tor i a area . Office Capital City Paving Ltd. 840 Industrial Way, Victoria, BC V9B 6E2 Phone: 250 652-3626 Fax: 250 652-1320 Plant & Quarry 740 Industrial Way, Victoria, BC V9B 5T9 Phone: 250 474-5474 Fax: 250 474-5389 Road Maintenance & Landscaping Services We are proud to provide municipal maintenance services to the City of Langford as well as other municipalities within Greater Victoria. Our operations include the maintenance of roads and landscaping areas such as planters, boule- vards, and medians. We also offer small civil and landscape design/construction services to our clients. Our services include: T: 250.474.2688 F: 250.474.1173 Snow removal De-icing Street Sweeping Road Flushing Pothole/Asphalt Repair Leaf Pickup Turf Management Annual Planting Weed control Sports field maintenance And more! clearing the storm drains of leaves.They have palm trees thriving along the main street. Rho- dodendrons add color twice a year. Boulevards are sodded with artificial turf instead of grass, to eliminate watering and mowing. It’s all about managing costs while conserving water and money. These eco-friendly initiatives reduce wa- ter consumption, cut out pesticides, and save on time and wages for leaf cleanup. Young proclaims, “We buy land to grow our parks.We won a national award for our trails and the international award for Best Arena. And this is really cool: Art (Sutherland), from Accent Refrigeration, is the number one guy in the world for doing ice in the big arenas, ever since the Olympics at Lake Placid. He travels to every country making ice and he’s based in Langford. He put his office in our arena, so the City doesn’t have to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of LANGFORD, BRITISH COLUMBIA PREFERRED VENDORS n Hendry Swinton McKenzie n Capital City Paving Ltd. n Victoria Contracting n Gillam Group, Inc. the venue. Art brings people from around the globe here and uses our facility to show them how to run an efficient, ‘green’ arena. In our case, the heat produced from the ice-making process goes into a pipe underground, and then into the Westhills neighborhood where it heats the homes.We have this underground geothermal system attached to our arena and we get credit for it. “We prefer to do what’s good for the envi- ronment through realistic goals, where we can actually see the results.We are a small commu- nity with common sense, doing things that we all understand.We’ve been doing it that way for 25 years, involving the community, taking action, and moving forward - and it works!” A progressive construction company that takes your interests to heart. Let us be your Building Department, as we deliver services in an atmosphere of teamwork, transparency and trust. For more information as to how we can make your construction project an overwhelming success, please contact our office. Tel: 416 486 6776 Email: Rugby Canada National Training Centre Langford, BC Branksome Hall Athletic and Wellness Centre Toronto, ON