Neubourg Healthcare Inc.

certification classes, but when everything was locked down due to the pandemic, we had to improvise,” shares Moniz. “We decided to use online webinars that we are now confident are effectively delivering our educational materials online. We are also leveraging interactive online social events in partnership with opinion leaders. Our inaugural event, dubbed NHC & Friends Socials, was a huge success. Since foot care clinics were classified as non-essential services and therefore closed, the online event provided an avenue for various healthcare professionals to connect with our lineup of opinion leaders in the healthcare industry. Some of the topics covered included trending issues like managing diabetes and nutrition during a pandemic and how to stay connected to customers during closures.” The company’s response to a rapidly changing business environment is underpinned by its leadership’s willingness to adapt. “Initially, we would travel to train educators and provide them a first-hand experience of our products,” says Dr. Neubourg. “Now, we are reinventing our business model into a more modern customer-centric model, borrowing a leaf from the consumer retail industry that has trailblazed an online-first business model.” While neubourg has a good handle on internal adaptation, the company sees the general public’s perception of foot care as another significant opportunity. Moniz admits, “Most people disregard foot health care until a severe problem occurs. However, foot care is more important than most people believe because the feet are the foundation of the body. For example, improved foot posture can help treat chronic back pain while enhanced general foot care can help detect other chronic conditions like vascular disease, vision problems, diabetes, and neurological conditions.” The company is using its education-first approach to tackle these issues, leveraging its network of educators alongside its scientific research publications to build awareness around neubourg products and general foot care. neubou rg hea l thca re I nc . LIPID MATRIX LIVING EPIDERMIS SKIN-RELATED LIPIDS GAPS IN THE SKIN’S LIPID MATRIX HORN CELLS Gaps in the skin’s lipid matrix allow microbes and other stressors to enter Skin-related lipids fill the gaps in the damaged lipid matrix The original protective barrier is restored, which promotes new skin regeneration LIPO 2 SKIN REPAIR TECHNOLOGY