Neubourg Healthcare Inc.

Looking forward, neubourg healthcare is planning to continue building upon the current awareness momentum that they have gained. “These are times of uncertainty, and our strategies have to change as we navigate a post-coronavirus business landscape,” says Moniz. “Our current focus is to continue building awareness, to both the general public as well as practitioners, around our distinctive technologies, including patented formulations that work uniquely.” For example, the company is promoting its Onyfix line of products and technologies as a safe and affordable alternative to home remedies and surgery. “Our goal and vision are that all our products, from our line of foam creams Allpresan, Allpremed, and Podoexpert to our Onyfix nail correction systems, will become the medical skin and foot care industry’s standard,” asserts Dr. Neubourg. “We want to be a preferred PREFERRED VENDOR n Nails R Us partner for healthcare professionals based on our innovative, evidence-based products.” He is, however, quick to admit that this is not just a two- or five-year plan, but a long-term plan that the company is committed to pursuing across its target markets and with its partners.