Light Dental Studios

We have a unique company culture in that we only promote from within. You have to start on the clinical floor and work with our company for a while before we look at promoting you. And all of our leadership training is done inhouse. We don’t send people out on courses or to different consultants; we train them ourselves with our managers and our leaders. Everything is internal. While some of us go to those courses to gain information, whatever we present is done by our people.” BVM: You chose a group business model. Was a franchise model ever considered? Broughton: “In the beginning, we set it up like a franchise model, because we were having difficulty getting doctors to come and work with a group. I offered them the opportunity to own half of their practice. And we had a management arm to our company, so every time we had an acquisition it came up as a separate EIN (Employer ID Number). But none of the three doctors at the time exercised the option to buy. So, once we grew to seven doctors, I removed the offer and we went to the group model. “Today, our doctors are talented practitioners who could easily have gone out on their own. They don’t need the group, but they like practicing with others and what the group stands for – that we offer a very high quality product and we’re a patient-centered company. We have over 50,000 active patients and only a handful of negative reviews. And part of that extends from the way we built our work culture and the quality of doctors that work here. For marketing, everything is moving towards social media today. We have a huge following on Facebook (over 18,000) and it’s the easiest way to reach the patient base. Our new media studio will be amazing for producing that type of content for social channels.” BVM: What makes Light Dental Studios such a success story?