Light Dental Studios

L IGHT DENTAL STUDIOS Broughton: “We’ve grown every year by five to seven acquisitions. Sometimes we’ll buy a practice from a dentist who’s retiring and then merge it into one of our existing locations. We like larger infrastructure, our model seems to work well under that, so we are a multi-provider in most of our locations. Our original location is the largest, with 20 chairs in a 31,000-square- foot building. That’s a really big practice. Within the next two years, we plan on that being a 30-chair office, when we move onto the second floor. Patients love it because the specialists are in one place, they don’t have to go to different locations. But if they do move to a different area, their chart moves with them, everything is in the cloud. So they just have to go to one of our other offices and all their information is accessible. “Having so many patients, using technology allows us to predict how to deliver a better care product because we have so much data to look at. At our level, we see a lot of patterns from the vast number of procedures that come Straumann is committed to being your global partner of choice for premium tooth replacement solutions. www. straumann .com