tation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST) and two initiatives that were on the ballot that,together,provide a one-penny sales tax increase. Therewill be $400million expected over the next five years for theTSPLOSTand an expected $2 billion over 40 years for our MARTA(MetropolitanAtlanta RapidTransitAuthority) expansion. That funding is going to provide a lot of expansion and improvements to existing services. We’ll be seeing some bus routes expanded. It takes a lot longer to build the newinfrastructure for a subway line or ex- pand a subway line. So the quick focus is going to be on how we can have some of these routes that go through neighborhoods that create that first mile/last mile connectivity and make sure that if you’re going to live in Atlanta and work downtown, you can be able to get to your workplace without having to drive. We have a 22-mile trail around the city of Atlanta that, when complete, will also have a streetcar running alongside it. So it’s a trail with a transit component and that’s going to transform the way people get around this city. And it’s going to make the city so much more economically vibrant.” Atlanta is a dynamic place with a rich history of adapting and responding to econom- ic transformation and social change. Indeed, the city’s motto is resurgens,whichmeans “rising again.”Today,as one of theworld’s 100 Resilient Cities, this metropolis of almost half a million people has yet another opportunity to show the world how it intends to meet the challenges of the future in sustainable, practical, and resilient ways. Atlanta, Georgia 404.659.0919 Along with our clients and CONGRATULATE THE CITY OF ATLANTA ON ITS EFFORTS IN SUSTAINABILITY We pride ourselves on environmental stewardship that supports your sustainability goals and helps protect our natural resources with: • 69 recycling centers throughout the country, recycling 5 million tons annually • 193 active solid waste landfills and over 200 transfer stations • 2,400 CNG trucks and growing • Increasing projects that convert landfill gas to energy For more information visit