Business View Magazine - Sept 2023

268 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 9 done necessarily gradually and in stages. Gateway to business More rentable business hangar space is on the near horizon, probably next year, as Butcher reveals. “We have both aeronautical and non-aeronautical space here at the airport,” he says. “We’re lucky.” Hypothetically, he adds, were a major company in need of airport space, they could talk to Monroe Regional. There is space outside the airport’s fencing that potentially could be developed. Relatedly, the City of Monroe has a nearby air industrial park (home to a Chase Bank, Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy chain location, and other such big-name facilities), and Butcher serves on the park’s board. There are many opportunities there as well, he adds. Also, Butcher extols Friday Ellis, the mayor of Monroe. Ellis is very development-oriented and quite keen on getting Monroe to grow, says Butcher, including land development and much more. “We would love to have a new aviation business on the field,” he says, adding of the mayor, “but if it were something else, I know he would be in favor of that as well.” Butcher stresses the airport is open for business; willing to talk with anyone to generate more positive growth. It means an optimistic, mutually beneficial approach: good for the airport; good for Monroe. “We’re going to continue to push forward!” he declares. PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Louisiana Economic Development n Monroe Chamber of Commerce