Business View Magazine | September 2022

69 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 9 that that has some inherent weaknesses from a business side as well. So in a very healthy way, Dr. Barnard has helped me realize I can have the culture and relationships I want, while also working to help my leaders be responsible to deliver what they need to be delivering.” LaVé insists there is no contradiction between those elements, and he is putting his money where his mouth is. He decided to revamp the pay structure for his leadership team because he thought they should be paid more. In return, he told them “I also need this level of performance across the board on our project.” LaVé agreed to go substantially beyond what their contracts stated because he thinks they are worth it. But he can only do that if they deliver the level of results needed. “It has to be in a way that is still in line with our culture and values. If we can do that, then I’m happy to roll this plan out and follow through with it. It’s the same with my sales team. I told them I’m not pushing them to do anything unethical or unreasonable, but that we need to get a little more methodical about how we do the process, so that we keep a more consistent flow of work in front of the operations team.” Always visioning for the future success of Precision Precast Erectors, LaVé adds, “That push from Dr. Barnard has been big. So I look forward to seeing the fruit of that work over the next year or two.” PREC I S ION PRECAST ERECTORS , LLC Proud to be the Northwest’s premier provider of welding & industrial supplies, safety products & training, certified welding inspection and testing services, industrial, medical & specialty gases, and more! Visit one of our 21 locations - you’ll see the values of our family -owned business translate to better customer service. Train at Oxarc School of Welding to see how we’re shaping the future of the industry. Contact our sales team today! We’re your single source supplier! 800.765.9055