Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 9

65 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 9 A fter working at multinational energy company Chevron for 15 years, Philip Myers was ready to go his own way. Taking the name associated with his old email account, he started PEMY Consulting in 2010 to support both basic and advanced engineering associated with tanks, piping, vessels, and other petrochemical equipment systems. Working almost entirely on his own for the first five years of PEMY’s existence, Myers began to expand the leadership team at the company, employing Andrew Yearwood as Senior Engineer and Brock Trotter as Chemical Process Engineer and Head of Marketing. Recently, Business View caught up with Philip, Andrew, and Brock to find out about the company’s recent investments and its plans for the future. “One of the things that I’m pleased to say is now being taken extremely seriously – both at PEMY and in the wider industry – is the issue of safety,” says Myers. “I watched this evolve at Chevron and it’s something we continue to prioritize at PEMY. We have safety moments at all our meetings. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, safety remains a box-ticking exercise; there needs to be a culture backing it up.” “Here’s a quick story about company culture,” Yearwood adds. “On two occasions, I remember potential clients presenting unprofessional conduct to us. In one of the cases they asked me to make a design that was not up to industry standards nor according to good engineering practice, and they were unwilling to change to a PEMY CONSULTING Serious about safety