Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 9

132 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 9 work – bankers and staff – to be the common voice on behalf of the industry to government and community leaders to keep Georgia the best state for banking. It involves grassroots lobbying by bankers as well as professional staff-led relationship building, outreach, and education efforts for elected officials, regulators, civic leaders, community groups, and media. The association also serves as a professional community for its members. Through events, committees and boards and more, GBA provides a true peer network for banking professionals to learn, connect and work toward common goals. This extends to the professionals who work for the more than 220 companies that serve our banks with their products and services as Associate Members, helping them save or make money. Education is also a legacy priority, reflecting bankers’ commitment to honing their craft, sharpening their skills and keeping up with rules and regulations. The final priority area I want to mention is providing products and services. Through our affiliates GBA Insurance Trust and GBA Retirement Services, a majority of Georgia bankers can access high-quality, competitively priced health insurance and long-term savings resources. BVM: It sounds like Georgia’s bankers have found a real recipe for success through the Georgia Bankers Association. Any final thoughts? Brannen: I like that analogy of a recipe. There sure are a lot of ingredients needed for the success of our state’s banking industry and the professionals that work in those banks. It’s a testament to the bankers that they leverage the Georgia Bankers Association as the resource to stir the pot and bring it all together in a hearty, fulfilling way for Georgia’s families and businesses.