Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 9

101 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 9 A laska is an amazing place. An enclave bordered by Canada and Russia, it not only has the most northern point in the United States (Point Barrow), but also the largest geographical area – you could fit Texas, California, and Montana, combined, into Alaska. Its capital city, Juneau, covers more ground than Rhode Island and Delaware put together. On the other hand, Alaska has fewer people than any other state – being almost completely composed of the Rocky Mountains and tundra. When you think of Alaska you might think of the great white north. You might think of the Gold Rush. What you might not think of… is beer. And yet, it has some of the best craft beer in the world, thanks to the Alaskan Brewing Company. A company with a truly legendary story behind it. “When you look at the past,” says Geoff Larson, who along with his wife Marcy are the founders and owners of the Alaskan Brewing Company, “large national and international breweries were not the way things were done – brewing was much more local. Alaska has a huge history of beer making that goes back even before the Gold Rush, but that is when it took off. The gold fever created a stampede of prospectors, and mining communities like Juneau sprung up. At that time the mines were looking for anybody who had experience, and a lot of men came over from Alaskan Bre Beverages inspired by a rich history