Business View Magazine | September 2020

40 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 2020 THE KALESNIKOFF LUMBER COMPANY T he Kalesnikoff Lumber Company is located in Thrums, British Columbia, on the banks of the Kootenay River, in a region rich in forest resources and scenic beauty. There, this family-owned and operated company produces some of the highest-quality softwood lumber products in the world in a variety of species, strengths, textures, densities, and grain patterns, while also earning an international reputation for sustainable forest stewardship and a balanced approach to environmental, social, and economic values. “Our business was started in 1939 by my great grandfather and his two brothers,” recounts company COO, Chris Kalesnikoff, who, along with his sister, CFO Krystle Seed, are the fourth- generation of Kalesnikoffs to run the company, alongside their father and CEO Ken Kalesnikoff. “They were of Russian descent and settled in HIGH QUALITY LUMBER PRODUCTS