Business View Magazine | September 2020

38 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 2020 PREFERRED VENDORS n Zip-O-Laminators, LLC Zip-O-Laminators started in 2016 as the newest division of Zip-O-Log Mills, which was founded by the Hallstrom family in 1944 near Coburg, Oregon. The culture of Zip-O has remained consistent for over 75 years: to produce high quality products and exceptional service. Whether it is for a custom timber frame home or a custom golf course club house, every project is unique and we will take care of you! Zip-O-Laminators is geared towards producing only the highest quality laminated beams in exceptional sizes. Zip- O-Lam can produce beams up to 115 feet long, 28 inches wide and 96 inches deep. We also make custom curves - slight to tight radius beams. Think it cannot be done? Guess again! Certified through the A.P.A– The Engineered Wood Association, we currently produce beams out of Douglas fir and Alaskan Yellow Cedar. We are certified with the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and can provide glulams for your next FSC® (FSC® C157387) job. At Zip-O-Laminators, we have the capacity to produce, fabricate and finish your custom beams. Types of Fabrication and Finishes: • Kerfs and Notches • Holes, Daps and Slots • Bevel and Taper Cuts • 14” & 16” single face boards • Premium Finish • Resawn Finish • Sanded Finish In the world of construction, delays are costly. The entire operation at Zip-O-Laminators is committed to deliver your beams on time. From administration to sales to production to shipment our goal is to provide premium service at every level. Zip-O-Lam can also produce their own lamstock by working with Zip-O-Log Mills, unlike other manufacturers. We own and operate our own kilns so we can control the quality and moisture content of our stock. We strive for on-time, accurate deliveries by rail or truck. We offer additional shipping options, such as individual, bundle or load wrap, and sticker every layer in the unit with lath or kiln stickers upon request. Additionally, we have all our trucks place corner protectors on their loads as added protection for your beams. Our ambition is to have your experience with us a breeze and to make your dream a reality. Give us the opportunity to prove it to you. n Dr Johnson Wood Innovations Family-owned and operated, DR Johnson Wood Innovations paved the way for Mass Timber construction by becoming the First Certified Manufacturer of Cross-Laminated Timber in the U.S. DRJ is committed to providing quality, sustainable manufactured wood products, including Cross-Laminated Timber and custom Glue-Laminated Beams – made from locally sourced materials and engineered to create a faster, more efficient means of construction. n Coughlin Porter Lundeen