Business View Magazine | September 2020

249 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 2020 T he site of modern-day Stanly County was originally inhabited by small tribes of hunter-gatherers and mound builders whose artifacts and settlements have been dated back nearly 10,000 years. Large-scale European settlement of the region came in the mid-18th century via two primary waves: immigrants of Dutch, Scots-Irish, and German descent moved from Pennsylvania and New Jersey seeking enhanced religious and political tolerance; while immigrants of English backgrounds came to the region from Virginia and the Cape Fear River Basin in Eastern North Carolina. The county was named for John Stanly of New Bern, who served several terms in the North Carolina House of Commons and two terms in the United States House of Representatives. Today, Stanly County is home to approximately 64,000 people and has earned a reputation as a sought-after place to work, live, and grow a company. Although the County is miles away from urban sprawl, this business-friendly region is only 30 minutes from Uptown Charlotte, has a well-trained and affordable workforce, a low cost of doing business, one of the lowest property tax burdens in the region, and easy access to major metropolitan areas, international airports, and the ports of AT A GLANCE STANLY COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA WHAT: A county of 64,000 WHERE: Central North Carolina, east of Charlotte WEBSITE: STANLY COUNTY, North Carolina WATER, AIR, LAND, SUCCESS