Business View Magazine | September 2020

134 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 2020 clients, and interact with executives as well as entry client personnel. They work internally with supervising staff, different managers, and partners. We work hard, and servicing our clients is one of our key core values; however, quality of life and work-balance is also an emphasis. Many of our clients have year-ends other than December 31, which tends to spread work out throughout the year. So, from a culture standpoint, not having many peaks and valleys appeals to many employees. “The importance of our staffing, which entails professional development and opportunities, caring about work-life balance and the culture, is clearly understood by the firm. We were proud to have created WIN (Women’s Initiative Network) within the firm, who’s goals include encouragement, motivation, and opportunity. Other successful initiatives include our extern and internship programs, as well as building relationships with the various universities we recruit from to ensure a steady pipeline of staffing. I would recommend this firm to anyone who has decided they want to build a career in public accounting. It’s a great place to work where employees can develop a sense of pride in working with our clients. Many of our non- profit clients are in business for a mission they believe in. Working with these organization is very rewarding to us.” From a client service perspective, Calibre may be a large firm with an abundance of resources, but it continues to adhere to a philosophy of personal service and responsiveness. Looking to the future, Kokolas states, “A strategic goal of ours is to increase our client base throughout the country and to continue being the nationally-recognized accounting experts in our valued industries of not-for-profits, labor organizations, and employee benefit plans.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Hodge, Hart & Schleifer, Inc. At Hodge, Hart & Schleifer, Inc., our mission is very simple: provide strategic risk management and insurance solutions to high-performance businesses and successful individuals to help them achieve their goals while protecting what is most important to them. We certainly appreciate Calibre CPA’s confidence in our professional approach to their Insurance needs. Women’s Initiative Network Charity Event