Business View Magazine | September 2020

10 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 2020 them with a longer-term approach as a provider of permanent capital. Voyager is led by founders and space industry veterans Dylan Taylor and Matthew Kuta, with a Board of Directors that includes National Security Expert and four- star Air Force General William Shelton, leading investor Gabe Finke, and the world’s leading planetary Scientist, Dr. Alan Stern. The VSIPX is the newest initiative for Voyager as it continues toward its mission of creating the world’s first vertically integrated and publicly traded NewSpace company. Voyager’s long-term mission is to create a vertically-integrated, publicly-traded NewSpace company capable of delivering any mission humans can conceive. By centralizing shared services functions at the parent company level, Voyager enables engineer-founded and led subsidiaries to focus more on development of innovative products and services. The firm’s first in industry model is uniquely tailored to support the growth needs of commercial space companies by offering an alternative solution to traditional private capital models and replaces