Business View Magazine | September 2019

9 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 2019 OPENING L INES PRODUCTIVITY LOWERED BY BAD BEHAVIOR AT WORK, STUDY FINDS T he majority of American workers (77%) think that their co-workers could behave better in the workplace and that it is impacting productivity and morale, according to a new Kelton Global study on behalf of National Business Furniture (NBF). The study, which surveyed adults, ages 18+, who are employed full or part time, examines how many workplace dos and don’ts are not always followed and as a result, how this affects workers’ attitudes, their connectivity with colleagues, and their work environment. When asked how improved employee conduct would impact them, 33 percent surveyed say they would want to spend more time at work and 25 percent say they would enjoy work more. The study found that the following are top workplace pet peeves: • Punctuality: Three out of four respondents say that consistently being late to work or meetings tops the list of workplace annoyances. • Food Faux Pas: Leaving dirty dishes in a common area is offensive to 77% surveyed. More than half (52%) say that their co-workers shouldn’t cook potent (like fish or spicy foods) in the microwave. Thirty percent say their officemates shouldn’t eat snacks or meals at a shared workstation.