Business View Magazine | September 2019

258 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 2019 kids and families, as part of our community-wide health and wellness program. And we design our equipment so not only do you get to play on it, you get to exercise at the same time. We actually started a wellness week for our employees with yoga classes, massages, activities, and speakers, and we have a council-sponsored run/walk where everyone in town can participate. For the future, we want to continue open space purchases and to preserve what’s left of the farmland. We’re a friendly community focused on keeping our town clean, safe, and improving the health of our residents, of all ages. I grew up here and I’d say the best attribute of Deptford is definitely the people.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Transtech Industries, Inc. The Kinsley’s Deptford Renewable Energy Center is located within Kinsley’s Landfill in Deptford, New Jersey. Kinsley’s –the number one ranked Closed Landfill in New Jersey- is a subsidiary of Transtech Industries, Inc. Our 16+ Megawatt renewable energy center provides energy to thousands of homes and businesses throughout New Jersey. Kinsley’s Soil Reuse Program provides a repository for excess fill (soil) for major road and construction projects, and for dredged material from New Jersey shore projects.