Business View Magazine | September 2019

105 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 2019 T he Grand Junction Regional Airport is a commercial and general aviation facility located three miles northeast of Grand Junction, in Mesa County, Colorado. Today, the Airport, which originally opened in 1930, encompasses 2,300 acres, making it the largest airport in the western part of the state. It supports over 700 employees, and serves over 452,000 passengers and 4.5 million pounds of cargo, annually. In addition to a robust general aviation community and substantial military operations, Grand Junction Regional welcomes daily flights from Allegiant, American, Delta, Denver Air, and United Airlines. FedEx flights connect to Colorado Springs, Fresno, California, and Memphis, Tennessee. The facility is also home to several large, commercial and non-commercial aviation organizations such as the Bureau of Land Management, Twin Otter International (an aerial survey, surveillance, and research aircraft provider), and West Star Aviation, an airframe, engine repair, maintenance, modifications, and avionics installation. Multiple flight schools and college collaboration educators are tenants at the facility, as well. As the Airport’s business has grown to include a diverse portfolio of tenants, its infrastructure needs have, likewise, evolved. “Our primary runway is 10,000 feet long and 150 feet wide and can land just about everything,” says Executive Director, Grand Junction Regional Airport GROWTH AND RELIABILITY