Business View Magazine September 2018

88 89 able energy for the entire electrical grid by 2050. We have a more ambitious goal for city opera- tions which includes 100 percent renewables by 2030. In partnership with OUC, we unlocked a new, 12 megawatt (mw) community solar farm on top of an old coal ash landfill. Ten percent of the city operations load is now powered by solar, and in the next 12 years, we’ll be significantly increas- ing solar on city rooftops and greenfield sites. “There’s a lot of uncertainty around the country about the future of our cities. Mayor Dyer often says, ‘More and more of the critical issues of are time our being left to local governments to address.’ The looming issues of climate change and sustainability will need to be addressed here at the local level.We’re hoping that Green Works and the City of Orlando can be a model for others to follow; a lighthouse city, so to speak, that has measurable results around cost savings, quality of life, and attracting jobs in the green economy. The innovative solutions we’ve seen couldn’t have happened without partnerships. “Sustainability is a cultural revolution and the City of Orlando is doing an excellent job of show- ing that through collaboration and partnerships we can make it a part of the fabric of our commu- nity, as we move forward in developing one of the fastest growing cities in the country.” C O N T A C T U S 407-232-7440 S O L A R F O R H O M E S esa Solar S O L A R F O R B U S I N E S S O R L A N D O S O L A R E X P E R T S ORLANDO, FLORIDA PREFERRED VENDOR n ESA Solar