Business View Magazine September 2018

46 47 fiber and composites space helps automotive and aerospace companies lightweight their automobiles and airplanes; we also lightweight food packaging by eliminating layers of polymers by replacing them with coatings to provide better performance and sustainability.We also make materials more biode- gradable or compostable. So, everything that we do helps our customers have a more favorable environ- mental impact in their markets and applications.” Over the last fewyears, Bassetti reports that Mi- chelman has invested heavily in its various business units.“In the printing & packaging area,we’ve in- vested upwards of a million dollars in new capabili- ties and equipment in Mumbai, India,”he notes.“The interest in India for our products is very healthy; they have regulation changes and an urgent need for innovation that allows us to bring solutions to market faster.Our Michelman Innovation Center for Coatings allows us to test, develop, and learn certain things that we will eventually bring to the European and In the fibers, textiles, and composites area,we are in the process of investing Engineered Fibers Technology, LLC, offers a broad range of high per- formance fibers and materials including fiber coatings and precision short-cut fibers from a wide range of fiber types, as well as EFTec™ Nanofibrillated Fibers and other fibrillated fibers for technical papers and engineered materials. Contract research, technical support and applications development are provided in all of these areas, with laboratory facilities maintained to address both product and process development. Consulting services are also available. n Manufacturing Services n Contract Engineering n Sales Services High Technology Fibers, Materials and Services MICHELMAN, INC. PREFERRED VENDOR n Engineered Fibers Technology, LLC several million dollars over a multi-year period in a Composite Collaboration Center. In this Center,we’re adding a variety of equipment and capabilities to help not only our existing customers, but everyone down the value chain better understand and eval- uate how composites can provide increased perfor- mance.” Going forward, Bassetti says that each of the company’s three business units -Coatings, Printing & Packaging, and Industrial Manufacturing (fibers, textiles, and composites)–have their own growth strategies.“For example, in the fiber, textiles, and composites area,we’re focused on emerging tech- nologies, such as carbon fiber and other forms of fiber materials, as well as on new process technol- ogies that will enable composites to be leveraged and utilized more effectively. In five to ten years, the scope of our business, and increased breadth of services,will be further entrenched throughout the market.Today,many of our existing customers know us quite well and our expectation is that the entire value chain will better understand howMichelman can influence and accelerate innovation.” “And we’re developing deeper,more strategic partner relationships,”he adds.“We recognize that we can’t build all of this innovation and expertise on our own, so we are consciously assessing and se- lecting partners in which to build our future.We are working with existing suppliers, as well as search- ing for new ones to collaborate with more fully and well into the future.” Michelman’s Content Marketing Manager,Doreen Stanley, adds a final declaration,which encapsulates the company’s ethos of “always thinking ahead”: “We’re in the midst of changing the game by setting huge, audacious goals” she says.“Our organization works every day to solve big, complex industrial