Business View Magazine September 2018

320 321 In addition to that, two blocks from Gulfstream is an eight-storey tower, called the Beacon Tower; also being considered for A or B+ office space, it should be online in the next year.” As Hallandale Beach continues to expand–gen- erally upward–the streets below tend to get more crowded. It’s something that London is painfully aware of.“The three biggest issues in Hallandale Beach are traffic, traffic, and traffic,”he opines. “There are city streets, county roads, state roads, and then Interstate 95 is on our western boundary. So, I have limited control as to what I can and can’t do on streets. But, the city was able to win a grant from the Metropolitan Planning Organization to do adap- tive traffic signals on Hallandale Beach Boulevard, which is the east/west artery. It synchronizes the traffic lights and that should be rolled out in 2021. It was about a $2 million grant; Broward County is helping us with another million and the city is kicking in a million.” Other recent occurrences in Hallandale Beach in- clude a new, $10 million fire station.The city’s main Fire station is over 40 years old and has outlived its useful life as well as exceeded the capacityand changes to the operations of the Fire Rescue De- partment.The newfacility,just opened this past June, includes the City’s EmergencyOperations Center,four drive-through bays,administrative and fire Inspection offices,training space,and living quarters. There’s also a brand new,$500,000 fire truck parked inside. Another recent development was the decision by the David Posnack School of nearby Davie, Florida, Peter Bluesten Park ArtSquare Hallandale Successfully building COMMUNITIES Ranked among the Top Contractors in South Florida, Kaufman Lynn Construction provides an array of quality construction management and general contracting services for both public and private clients throughout Florida and beyond. Lic. # CGC 021732 Florida | North Carolina | Texas HALLANDALE BEACH, FLORIDA PREFERRED VENDOR n Kaufman Lynn Construction, Inc. Kaufman Lynn Construction (KL) is a full-service commercial construction com- pany headquartered in Delray Beach, Fla. Core markets are: multifamily housing, office, municipal/public safety, education (K-12 and university), and mixed use. Es- tablished in 1989, KL employs more than 165 at offices in Florida, Texas and North Carolina. The firm is consistently ranked as one of the Top General Contractors in Flor- ida and among the 400 largest contractors nationwide. to open a satellite campus in Hallandale Beach.“It was ranked as the number one religious day school in the Unit- ed States,” says London.“So, that’s a real coup for our com- munity- to bring in that level of education.That building should take about 20 months to build.” London insists that continued devotion to the needs of the community, as well as pro-active municipal planning, will remain parts of his agenda.“You have an administra- tion that is listening to the concerns of the residents and we are not just looking out for the next budget cycle; we’re trying to look out three years, five years, seven years, and ten years, to improve the quality of life for everyone that lives here,”he states.“We’re also trying to make sure you’re getting a dollar in goods and services for every tax dollar that you send to the city, and to make sure that you feel as though your investment is being respected and allocated in a proper way.”