Business View Magazine September 2018

32 33 L atham Pool Products, Inc., of Latham, New York, was founded by Merrill Laven in 1956, and, today is the largest pool manufacturer in North America. The company designs, manufactures, and sells in-ground resi- dential swimming pools and components for homeowners, and pool and spa profes- sionals in the U.S. and Canada. Its products include fiberglass, polymer, and steel pools; polymer and steel pool wall systems; lad- ders; auto covers; spillover spas; automatic safety covers; solid and mesh safety covers; in-ground pool liners; safety pool covers; pool steps; above-ground pool liners; and other pool-related products. “We currently have 24 locations throughout the United States and Canada,” reports Michael Fox, Latham’s Director for Fiberglass Products. “We’ve got our fiber- glass pool division, which has eight loca- tions; we’ve got our auto-cover division, which has two locations; and then we’ve got our package pool component, which has five locations. “Package pools is a vinyl AT A GLANCE LATHAM POOL PRODUCTS, INC. WHAT: An in-ground pool manufacturer WHERE: Latham, New York WEBSITE: LATHAM POOL PRODUCTS, INC. THE MARKET LEADER