Business View Magazine September 2018

290 291 Vernon Office 2806 45Avenue Vernon, B.C. V1T 3N4 Ph: +1.250.549.4701 Ext.101 Vancouver Office #208 19148 27thAve Surrey, B.C. V3Z 5T1 Ph: +604.542.6146 Turn-Key Controls Ltd is dedicated to providing leading edge technology in automation controls and instrumentation through superior service, outstand- ing quality and unsurpassed value. We are committed to forming long term relation- ships with our clients based on innovation, diversity, continuous technological development and mutual professional respect. Control the systems in your industry. We aim at setting high standards and creating a new benchmark in private security services. l An Award Winning Company l 250.515.0420 // We specialize in nightly security patrols and alarm response. Our patrol cars are clearly marked in reflective signs and are fully equipped with the latest electronic tools to help us perform our duties to excellence and meet the needs of individuals, businesses, malls, commercial properties, industrial and construction sites. PREFERRED VENDORS n Salmon Arm Security Inc. n Turn-Key Controls COLUMBIA-SHUSWAP REGIONAL DISTRICT, BRITISH COLUMBIA tainable growth in the RD,“so that we don’t have systems that fail.We need to manage the Infrastructure we have and plan for improvements or building new to make sure we can service the constituents in our area.When significant growth happens at one time, it’s difficult to manage. If you’ve got sustainability, you can do just about anything. I hope that we continue doing well, that our services are good and strong, and people are satisfied with the local government.” She adds,“I would welcome visitors to come to the CSRD to explore our heritage–the Swiss Guides history in Golden is particularly notable–and the unique opportunities that our natural beauty provides.There’s not a short list of things to do: tour the hydroelectric dam, the RailwayMuseum, the Logging Museum, something for everybody. If you’re tired of the big city rat race, there is opportunity here.And as we continue to improve connectivity, those opportunities will continue to grow.” explore every opportunity that comes around.” Along with tourism, the CSRD has a solid manu- facturing sector, and an important mining history, as well as some active sites.Active gravel extraction pits set up in all the communities play a major role in new construction.There are also local construc- tion companies that do work elsewhere, but their home base is in the CSRD. Forestry is still a big economic player - including a community forest in Revelstoke, a sawmill and finger-jointing plant, as well as timber framing companies and log home builders.The CSRD is in good hands for healthcare, with hospitals in Salmon Arm, Revelstoke, and Gold- en providing significant employment.The District Board pays 40 percent of hospital capital costs (new equipment,major construction, etc.), but no opera- tional costs. Strategic planning is important with such a wide and varied territory to cover.The Shuswap Region created a very successful tourism strategy, involving a branding exercise that focused on feet! Taking you places,walking, hiking, swimming, it was all about getting around.They also created an agricultural strategy they’re working to implement, recognizing that agriculture (especially beef, poultry,market gar- dens) is another huge economic driver in the region. “Now,we’ve got the economic development strategy,” says Martin.“I’m excited about that.We’ll be forming small committees in each of our elec- toral areas, so local people have more input on the direction of things. Every economic development learning opportunity I’ve been to stresses the need to take care of your existing businesses; to respect and nurture them just as much as you do new ones coming to the area.We’re wanting to market ourselves as being open for business with lots of opportunity here.” Five years ahead,Martin would like to see sus-