Business View Magazine September 2018

266 267 S howHauler Trucks, a builder of custom truck conver- sions, is a family-owned company based in Middle- bury, Indiana. It is a leader in custom-designed motor homes, motor homes with garages, toterhomes, made especially for towing race, horse, motorcycle, boat, classic car, and snowmobile trailers. ShowHauler is well-known for pro- viding its customers innovative solutions, top quality work- manship, and industry-leading customer support. “Everything is custom built,” says General Manager, Chad Troyer, son of the company’s founder. “Built to what an indi- vidual wants. Everybody’s got their own ideas and dreams of what they want in their RV, and we try to build that for them. A dealer has designed the unit to put on their lot, or it is sold through a dealer, built to what an individual wants.We do not sell anything direct, so an order would get turned over to the dealer of your choice, and it goes from there.” Today, ShowHauler has 15 dealers across the county, includ- AT A GLANCE SHOWHAULER TRUCKS INC. WHAT: A leading builder of custom truck conversions WHERE: Middlebury, Indiana WEBSITE: SHOWHAULER TRUCKS QUALITY IS THE MAINSTAY SHOWHAULER TRUCKS