Business View Magazine September 2018

252 253 AT A GLANCE GIANT RECREATION WORLD WHAT: A family-owned and operated RV dealership WHERE: Winter Garden, Florida WEBSITE: GIANT RECREATIONWORLD This past January, founder and owner, Don Mc- Namara, passed away and the ownership of the company has been evenly distributed to his children– Larry, Eleanor, Joseph, Scott, Paris, and Daniel. “They all hold full-time positions with Giant Recreation World, doing what they do best,” explains Larry, Company President and CEO. “I run the company and we all contribute to our success in our own capacities. For example, my sister Eleanor is our Corporate Book- keeper; my brother Joseph is Service Manager in Palm Bay; Scott is a salesperson in Palm Bay; Paris is our Finance and Insurance Director. Dan is the Manager of our sister company, Giant Specialty Vehicles, which sells, services and rents golf cars.” Lauren Kelly is Giant Recreation World’s new Mar-