Business View Magazine September 2018

192 193 Harris explains. “They’re also in the process of updating a hangar that will serve as a workshop and classroom. Twin Cities businesses and organized labor organi- zations, as well as Airport users, are taking to heart the notion that we need to do our part in letting people know the opportunities that are out there in our industry. We’re hoping to bring more than ten thousand kids on an annual basis, when it’s all done, to let them know ST. PAUL DOWNTOWN AIRPORT PREFERRED VENDOR n Holman’s Table Named after famed pilot and aeronautical dare- devil, Charles W. “Speed” Holman, Holman’s Table is a new restaurant at the St. Paul Downtown Airport that celebrates the spirit of travel. It serves fresh, modern, sophisticated dishes, complemented by a classic bar and wine list, while capturing the beau monde essence of jet set travel. about the opportunities in aviation.” Going forward, Harris says that his agenda is focused on “enhancing and preserving” the Airport’s existing in- frastructure. “We’ve made so much investment from 2005 to where we stand today,” he says. “Now, we’re out of the enhancement mode and into preservation.What we’re seeing is that all of that investment is starting to bear fruit. The last three or four years out at the Airport – the level of activity -has served us well.” Left to Right: John Jacobs, Jeff Allen, Kathy Kramer, Joe Wisneski, Joe Harris