Business View Magazine September 2018

124 125 AT A GLANCE RE/MAX ABILITY PLUS WHAT: A full-service realty brokerage WHERE: Carmel, Indiana WEBSITE: RE/MAX ABILITY PLUS AGENT FOCUSED R E/MAX Ability Plus, a full-service realty brokerage, based in Carmel, Indiana was the first RE/MAX real estate office in the state. Today, the firm has around 200 agents, an office staff of 23, with ten locations, covering metropolitan Indianapolis and its suburbs, as well as the northwest and southeast parts of the state. In addi- tion to dealing in both residential and commercial real es- tate, RE/MAX Ability Plus has a title company, an insurance company, a property and association management company, and a senior relocation and move management company. The firm’s owner, Jimmy Dulin, had been involved as an agent and part owner until 2008, when he took over the business from his partners who had decided to bow out at the beginning of the market slide that subsequently mor- phed into the Great Recession. His desire was to run the company in a way that was truer to the original RE/MAX model, which places the emphasis on its agents as opposed to the broker. “That process began with 30 agents back then.We set out