Business View-Oct 2023

99 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 10 CANADIAN MINISTER OF ENERGY AND NATURAL RES SEARCHING FOR THE BEST ENERGY SOLUTIONS FOR ALL CANADIANS ur world is facing an existential threat in the form of climate change, and as a global energy transition is underway, governments and industries are looking for reliable, non-emitting forms of energy to help achieve their clean growth goals. Concurrently, geopolitical dynamics such as Russia’s unjustifiable war against Ukraine are pushing like-minded countries towards stable and secure supplies of energy that are produced with high ESG standards. To achieve our climate, economic, and security goals, Canada must be open to the deployment of all non-emitting technologies and energy sources. Nuclear power is one source that can help address potential demand gaps and help us reach our climate targets. My thinking on this is supported and informed by the thinking of the international community. O The Canadian Minister of Energy and Natural Resources points the lens to a greener and cleaner future