Business View-Oct 2023

41 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 10 here may be many roofing companies on the market claiming to be the best in the industry, however, there are very few that offer to cover your roof expertly and help to direct you in the often daunting insurance process after the worst has happened. When damage has occurred after a catastrophic weather event the thought of having to navigate the intricacies of the insurance end may be too much for some to contemplate. Living with the reality that a roof may be damaged in extreme weather resonates with Florida homeowners. Having just journeyed through two major hurricanes, the aftermath has left many with damages that could be potentially very costly and time-consuming to try to ‘cover’ on their own. T Experts in both roof coverage and facilitating insurance coverage, Coastline Construction doesn’t just ‘claim’ to do it all, they cover your roof and peace of mind COASTL I NE CONSTRUCT I ON PROVIDING THE B ‘COVERAGE’