Business View Magazine l October 2022

9 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 10 WORK FROM HOME, ANYWHERE—CYBERLANDR ELEVATES THE NOMAD LIFESTYLE CyberLandr’s included StarLink Internet means you (and your cell phone) can work almost anywhere on the planet Stream It, Inc., creator of CyberLandr , the disappearing RV for Tesla’s Cybertruck, is bringing flexibility and newfound luxury to those seeking a digital nomad lifestyle. CyberLandr transforms Cybertruck into the ultimate lifestyle vehicle, creating a remote base station that allows digital nomads to remain connected to their work from nearly anywhere and use their cell phones even where there isn’t cellular service. A PwC survey of 1,007 employees found that 41% of workers said they never want to return to the office. With StarLink Internet connectivity from anywhere on Earth, solar panels, and a structure that disappears into Cybertruck’s bed, CyberLandr allows you to take your office (and home) everywhere you go. Its aerodynamic design prioritizes energy efficiency, helping nomads to go farther and stay off the grid longer, allowing them to travel wherever their adventures take them. “Work as we knew it was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Lance King, CEO and Founder of Stream It, Inc. “One of the biggest OPENING L INES