Business View Magazine l October 2022

73 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 10 C onstruction quality assurance is a critical concern on building sites. Issues with construction quality can significantly compromise a construction company’s reputation and cost them thousands of dollars in callbacks. Quality Built LLC helps construction companies avoid costly quality-related issues on their sites through data-driven construction quality assurance services. The company’s head office is on the east coast in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and it has other offices in Newport Beach, CA, Ripon, CA, and Jacksonville, FL. Quality Built recently acquired two companies, DuctTesters, Inc. and SMC Systems Holdings, Inc., further cementing its position as the market leader in testing and inspection services to the residential and commercial construction industries. While these acquisitions more than doubled its revenues, Chief Executive Officer John Gillett explains that the more significant part of the company’s growth model centers on cultivating systems, processes, and procedures that deliver exceptional services to clients. He notes, “The acquisitions got us into geographies and service categories for which we weren’t well positioned. We’ll continue looking at more acquisitions, but our focus remains on creating a great corporate culture and lots of organic growth.” Quality Built services span the planning, design, construction, build, and post-construction phases and include quality assurance inspections, energy and sustainability, technical plan review, geotechnical design review, risk assessment and management, and litigation support. The company primarily serves single and multi- family residential, commercial, and mixed-use industries. “Quality Built operates in 26 states, making inspections or observations in over 70,000 homes and buildings per year,” says Gillett. “We make those observations on construction assemblies ranging from subterranean waterproofing all the way through to fit and finish inspections before turning over to the homeowner or the occupant. In between QUALITY BU