Business View Magazine l October 2022

38 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 10 or dying, but it’s far from that,” says Bruno. “Some parts of print like newspapers have fallen by the wayside, but certain parts of print like photo books, direct mail, and package printing have grown tremendously.” Because of this growth, Bruno does not see the company moving its manufacturing out of the U.S. “We’re very cost competitive,” he says. “People will sometimes ask whether we could not make it cheaper in China or some other place. I always tell them that if you use the same components and pay attention to quality, the price is about the same.” This focus on quality forms part of the company’s three-to-five-year plan as it seeks to stabilize its operations, diversify, and grow further. “Many of our customers have been with us for over 20 years,” says Bruno. “As we build products for them, we cannot stand still. We must continue innovating for better automation, to drive cost and waste down, and provide more value.” For Riga, achieving these gains will only come from striving to do something better daily. “We recently had a major Kaizen event in one of our manufacturing areas, an example of how we continue to strive for continuous improvement to drive more value for our customers and us.” PREFERRED VENDORS/PARTNERS n Flodraulic Group Innovation Applied™ FLODRAULIC is a multi-dimensional fluid power company with expertise in an unparalleled number of technologies and markets. Innovative, creative value-add, and customized turnkey solutions is what we deliver.  An international distributor with local customer support, we have inventory, engineering, assembly and sales facilities across North America and Europe. n Dometrics, Inc. Here at Dometrics, Inc. we specialize in the supply of European components for manufacturing and processing machines. Our import system is here to provide customers efficient and effective delivery of products. We also provide replacement parts for existing European built machinery. We work on your behalf to decrease machine down time and increase productivity. Visit our website or call today, to find out how we can help you find the best cost and delivery option for your needs. n Rocklin Windustrial n Elite Supply Source Eagle Grit